The registration process sets out the terms which you must complete when applying to establish an Account before having access to the Funds made available on the Truffle Website.

Please complete the requested information carefully. Together with the formal Truffle Terms and Conditions, which you accept when you sign this document, this will form the terms of the legal agreement between you, Truffle, and the Truffle Manager.

Terms and expressions used in this Account Opening Documentation are set out in the Glossary at the end of the Truffle Terms and Conditions which we have provided to you, and to which you can refer here.

Please review Truffle's privacy policy, which is available here This contains information on how Truffle collects, processes, stores and shares your data. Please also familiarise yourself with Reyker’s privacy policy which can be found on their website since it contains information on how Reyker collect, process, store and share your data. It also explains why your data is collected and the many rights you have regarding your personal data.